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Plant Friends 7-19-09 (4)

As I eagerly sow and wait for my newest plant friends to pullulate, I meet a sense of peaceful repose gazing through the lens of my camera at their new abode – a coconut fiber-lined wire basket that jauntily dangles from my balcony railing.  Embedded in compost and worm poop, soaked and then drizzled over lovingly with water daily, I entertain visions of a bequeathal of salad green goodness from this basket as these mesclun lettuces burgeon forth.  And yes, I thrill that their main fertilizer is the excrement of wriggling creatures.  You can visit Vermiculture Northwest to see why.

Besides calling up a surge of potent metaphors, archetypes, and mythological referents, these seeds also represent something of my independence.  I failed to understand that I hadn’t really found it yet.  I have been removed from the surety and safety of the nest (albeit with a temporary revisit recently) for some time, and yet I have discovered that this new space allows for an exploration and effusion of creativity that I have not felt the like of before.  Part of this is why I was not writing devotionally while in the midst of moving – I was so profoundly affected by the energy that was building within and around me that I could not focus enough to bring thought to keypad.

I know there is many layers of soil to explore with these new roots of mine.  Forgive me while I descend, like the questing roots of my new mesclun lettuce plants, into the clichéd space of seeds and rooting, but the relation to my living space is unavoidable and utterly joyful.  Like these seeds, I feel like I have been waiting for some convergence of factors.  Within this new space, I hope to find the necessary ingredients to germinate, as I now hope the mesclun seeds are doing in their elevated container.  I shall have to find my own form of worm poop to feed my growth…

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So I’ve passed the time when a mere hiatus in writing due to moving is a justifiable excuse.  I probably passed it a week ago, but I’m going to blame it on not having an Internet connection at the apartment yet.  A consensus was reached that as fun as trucking a laptop and cord to Whole Foods and WiFi cafes can be (which it really can be, especially since these places have attractive people to watch in my neighborhood), actually having Internet access at 2 am when most things are accomplished would be much more fun than staring dejectedly or with recrimination at a computer screen.

This break (which probably won’t really be over until the wireless router is humming and sending DNA-altering waves into my apartment) has left me nicely released from the burden of checking my Facebook every twelve minutes and deterred my ear from listening for the little chirrup of Tweetdeck telling me I have a new tweet to read.  It gave me time to negate what would have easily become an addiction rather than a useful expenditure of time.  Because really, do I need to be playing a farming game on Facebook?

I would much rather actually be farming, and since my new balcony actually provides a space that I can grow things, I am spending my time doing so.  The joy and fun that already has and will continue to come from bringing new plant friends into my life will have to wait for a later post (with pictures, I promise).  I just saw an attractive Whole Foods shopper meander in and the store has tomato plants that are demanding my attention!  Plus they are playing 80’s music!  No time for typing!

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