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Utkatasana - Chair or Fierce PoseAfter at least five years of hearing the call to teach yoga, five years of making excuses and allowing other things to cull my time, five years of resisting what I craved, I started yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea at Exhale in Venice, CA.  Saying I chose to make this the time to engage this stage of growth would be to snare unlawful credit to myself – the Universe gave me an almighty push.  After being laid off and debating my next steps, Shiva’s impending training modules came before me…and I leapt.  I made the financial implications matter very little in comparison to the creativity and energy that choice brought to me – even before the first class began.  The credit card is rather unhappy, but it cannot account for the waves of joy and excitement that proffer fuel to this process.

The surge of energy within this very beginning stage of engaging with these guides and myself has been truly remarkable.  More responses and reflections to follow as I plummet with a massive grin flapping comically in the wind…


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On the Fence

photo by Austin Zahn of AZahn Photography and Videography

photo by Austin Zahn of AZahn Photography and Videography

As I engage the start of my yoga teacher certification, I strive to recall the need for balance within my space, my work, my attention, and mayhap most demanding: myself.

May this balance resonate and permutate through the next two weeks and one day; may I be engaged in this performance of physical, social, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual even-standing.

When I start to dwell on the not perfect falling short of ninety degree bend in my knee, may I balance that with joy that I can bend at all – atop a fence!

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Bright Girl RunningI helped my best friend photograph a wedding.  I have loved taking pictures and wanted to learn more, to hone my skill and learn the tricks of the trade.  She obliged.  Tapping her rather expensive education in the filmic arts and professional experience as owner of AZahn Photography and Videography, and drawing on my own innate sense for composing photos, I spent nine hours and likely more than 25o0 clicks of a camera button practicing.  It was bliss.

The couple was effervescent, engaged with the process, willing to experiment, and extremely playful.  They disabused me of the notion that devoutly religious weddings are dreary or monotonous.  I am always delighted when I befriend or encounter religiously faithful people who are genuine and sanguine.  Their faith was beautiful: honest and real, spontaneous, yet never begrudging or forceful.  One of my favorite shots I took was of the bride and her three bridesmaids standing in a circle, heads bowed, hands clasped lightly, praying together before the ceremony.  I felt almost sacrilegious taking their photo, but was reassured by the mother of the bride who made sure I had gotten photos of the women celebrating in spirit.

Beyond the giddy bliss of their impending nuptials, indeed, not even displaying the trepidation or anxiety of a wedding day, this couple was gracious and friendly and eager.  I could not have asked for a better introductory bride and groom to my first photographic wedding endeavor.

While lunching, during the one break we got during the capturing of a couple’s day of joy, we discussed death and modes of villainous dying in Disney movies.  The dichotomy of morbid subject and celebratory occasion amused me.  It felt naughty and fun and totally in keeping with the vibrant enthusiasm of the bride and groom.

One moment of joy I perceived many times, but only finally captured later in the day was of the girl in the above photo playing.  Dressed in the bride’s wedding colors, bounding along the grass, spinning and bending and smiling, she epitomized for me the day.  She was in bliss whenever I saw her.  It recalled me to the bliss I was experiencing each moment.

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